A taste for veggies...

...has slowly but surely made it's way into the eating habits of the otherwise meat loving danes. All over town vegan shops, cafés and restaurant are popping up, giving the growing population af vegans plenty of eating-out-opportunities.

At Sidecar this hasn't gone unnoticed, so of course we had to make our own contribution to the vegan world. From early 2017 we've made it a rule to always have at least one - and preferably more - vegan options on each of our menus. Wether you come for breakfast, lunch, dinner or weekend brunch you will find a carefully pieced together vegan dish that (we hope) lives up to the expectations of our vegan guests.

By the way, we try to go organic as much as possible, and we're rooting for local produce and producers.

If you wanna check out our menus have a look here.