Coffee. What a wonderful thing!

It's what wakes us up in the morning. It's what makes us stay up at night, and the thing that keeps us going through the day.

Coffee is actually also the reason Sidecar exist. Rasmus and I being locals and working in an office nearby, often found ourselves wondering the streets during breaks, looking for a good cup of coffee. Not being able to find one, we decided that the neighbourhood needed a place with good coffee, and so, just about a year later Sidecar was a reality.

So coffee was important to us when we first started, and it still is today. We pride ourselves in making every single cup as good as possible, and for that you need a few things. 

First of all you need good quality coffeebeans. At Sidecar we've developed our own special blend in collaboration with Copenhagen Coffee Lab. It consist of coffeebeans from Mexico, Indonesia and Guatemala in VERY secret ratios. The beans are picked in altitudes ranging from 1050 meter to 1600 meters. This makes it a medium to high altitude coffee which is characterized by notes from citrusfruits, nuts, chocolate and vanilla. We feel that this blend provides the best basis for both espressos and french press coffee - but of course taste is individual.

Next you need a staff that is knowledgeable about coffee and familiar with making it. Therefor every member of the Sidecar staff that works on the floor has been to a coffeecourse at our friends at Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Here they are taught about the origins of our blend and how to treat it properly.

All in all it's our ambition to make our coffee as good as possible, but still at a reasonable price. Wether or not it's the best in town we'll let you decide, but we think it is ;)


/Rasmus & Nikolaj

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