How better to finish off the week than with smooth jazz, comfy food and great cocktails?

At Sidecar we've made it a tradition to have talented jazz musicians come and play on sunday nights. It's all very informal, and our aim is basically just to make everybody relax and enjoy themselves. As allways, our bartenders and chefs are ready to make great things to accompany the music.

Although we have a few household names that has visited us many times by now, we like to also bring in new and upcoming artists - just to let us all know what's cooking in the jazzy kitchen. In the past we have had guys (and girls) like Kasper Lang, Mikkel Nøhr Band, Christian Woll, Jordan Jackson and Viola Viola come and visit us. We hope to bring a lot of them back in 2018. Also, Sidecar is a regular participant in the well-renowned Copenhagen Jazz Festival that takes place every year in july.

Actually as we are writing this entry, our good friend and regular performer at Sidecar, Christopher Filancia Andersen is away in New York to scouer the streets and murky jazzclubs of the big apple for new talents and potential colabborators. Hopefully we get to invite some of the artists he finds to come over and play for us in 2018. 

If you're interested in visiting us for sunday night jazz, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we post and update about upcoming events and artists.

We look forward to seeing you.

/Rasmus & Nikolaj

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