CPH Jazz Festival 2018

In the early days of July, Copenhagen is once again hosting the well-renowned CPH Jazz Festival.

As familiar guests of Sidecar will know and - by the way, also featured in another blogpost on this site - Sidecar is a big supporter of the jazz music and its community. We host a jazz event every Sunday night, and therefore it came natural to become a part of CPH Jazz Festival 2018.

So, we set about making plans and booking artists, and are now very happy to announce that we will be hosting no less than seven concerts throughout the festival. The first concert will take place on sunday the 8th of July and the last will be on sunday the 15th. Among the artist are The Pogo Group, Jordan Jackson Group, Cyril Bernhard, Chris Andersen and Kasper Lang and his friends who will be performing their popular "Disney Jazz". A more detailed description of the events can be found on our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/sidecar.noerrebro/ , or on the official website of the festival, http://jazz.dk/copenhagen-jazz-festival-2018/forside/ .

Besides the jazz - which alone mandates a visit - we will be whipping up a special CPH Jazz Festival cocktail menu, and MaoBao will of course be making their delicious asian streetfood. All in all, everything should be in place for a fantastic week with great music, fantastic food and drinks together with good friends. 

Some, not all, of the concerts requires a purchase of a not-particular-expensive-because-it's-all-about-the-jazzzzz ticket which can be purchased via billetto using the following link: